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See amazing things that you only dream of in Africa. The African art, Woodcarving, meet people with their culture and traditions very much still intact. Unspoiled!. Exploit some of our natural resources in form of the Sun, the delightful climate, splendid mountains, abundant Flora and Fauna, beautiful Beaches, warm Ocean waters and of course the hospitable Kenyan population.

Afrodreams is both intriguing and fascinating in what it has to offer too visitor. The Game drive, camping adventure sites, Lodges and Hotels are a once-in-a lifetime to taste the true African wild. You want to see or buy African art and craft plus jewelry; this is your official Gallery page. Welcome aboard. more .....

Lamu(b) $30Belt $23.9
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Lamu(b) has the comfort of two leather straps topped by beads .This belt is one of our new ever product to be introduced to our collection.
People And Culture.
In Kenya we have a mixture of people as well as a cocktail of cultures . We have over Forty ethnic groups. We have the Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites; they form the bulk of the Kenya population. The minority, Asians, Arabs and Europeans live mainly in urban centers. All this ethnic groups lives in a harmonious group and a mixture of culture heritage. Kiswahili is widely spoken by most Kenyans. English is the official language spoken at all level. Besides English, French German and Italian are also spoken in tourist towns. Song, Dance, Art and handcraft, which are unique and embody all enchantment of exotic Africa, are way to express the rich culture heritage.

Kenyan Coast.
The kenyan coral coast is divided into four distinct resorts, namely :- Mombasa, North Coast, Malindi and Watamu, Lamu and South coast each having its own unique characteristic and attractions. Continue ......................

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